Oracover Klebefolie, Bügelfolie und Lack zur Modellgestaltung

ORACOVER/Ultracote is a worldwide patented, top-quality German product for covering model planes. ORACOVER/Ultracote, a polyester thermal shrink covering film, is characterized by unique processing properties (the only covering film which can be ironed on and off, giving you the "second chance" in case of processing errors). The specially formulated adhesive of the ORACOVER/Ultracote covering film is already activated at only 100°C and is exceptionally high adhesive. The covering film is temperature resistant up to 250°C, fuel-resistant as well and can be painted or varnished. Due to the patented, polymerised multi-layer color-bond, the ORACOVER/Ultracote film is practically indestructible. The color coat is inseparable from the carrier film. Due to that, detachments and "bleeding" at the edges of the film when ironing are effectively prevented.
Roll width of all Oracover, Orastick and Oratex-films/Ultracote: 60cm. Roll length: 10m.

Of course we cut off your desired length of the 10m-rolls (0,5m minimum quantity per color!). Please understand that our shop system only allows the purchase of entire meters. If you require different lengths, please don't hesitate to contact us, tel.no. 09561-555 999.
Our prices are per meter. With a purchase of an entire 10m-roll you can expect worthwhile discounts!