Hoellein wind protection for transmitters

FINALLY! In addition to the legendary HOELLEIN-NECKSTRAP you can buy the long awaited, perfect wind protection for your transmitter and your hands. Due to the ergonomically design, our wind protection guarantees full freedom of movement for your hands and easy accessibility of the control sticks and all control elements. It protects effectively your hands and your transmitter against icy wind, snowfall and light rain, which is probably interesting not only for competition pilots and alpine pilots. The transparent upper surface allows the readability of the display, and the optical control of trimming and switch positions remains preserved without limitation. In contrast to "rigid" versions our "smooth" wind protection  enclose your wrists to keep your hands warm, while having a fast access to the control elements after high-launch or handlaunch as well. The exclusive look and high-quality finish with waterproof bottom, heat-insulating, padded sides and the soft, transparent frontside will satisfy your expectations for sure. The frontside is connected to the sides with 2 zippers, so that it makes it easy to put the transmitter in and out, velcros enclose the horizontal part of the transmitter's fixing bracket, and an elastic on the bottom fixes the wind protection flexible at the transmitter's antenna. A lot of various practical features, wherever you look...
Our wind protection is suitable for a lot of transmitter trays:
  • Graupner MC-19, -22, -24 with "Contest" transmitter tray
  • Futaba FC-28 with original transmitter tray