All you need for electric flight ... V-MAXX up to 30C

The new LiPo-range from Graupner can cope with extremely severe loads. As a result the batteries remain much cooler in normal operation (up to 20C) and last for many more charge/discharge cycles that batteries with lower maximum load capacity.
These high reserves of performance give the batteries plenty of power even after a large number of flight cycles, which means that they remain suitable for their primary purpose longer than other batteries. The low internal resistance coupled with the associated extremely high voltage curve and low weight ensure max. performance for your model. The V-MAXX 30C and 35C-series in particular is setting new standards in battery technology. The extremely high voltage curve means that a smaller propeller than previously used is required in order to stop the motor from overheating.

The advantages:
Lighter due to a new technoloy
Cooler due to a lower internal resistance
Usage for longer periods due to higher cycle stability
Extremely high voltage curve, in particular with the V-MAXX 35C-serie

All Graupner V-MAXX Lipo-packs are delivered including the Kokam/Graupner/Robbe(JST-EH)-balancer connector.

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