All you need for electric flight ... LiBatt

LI-BATT BX LiPo batteries

MULTIPLEX Li-BATT BX LiPo-batterie packs are high quality and extremely long-life LiPo batteries. They have an extremely high energy density. Therefore they are lighter than usual NiMH battery packs, but with the same capacity. They are suitable for all purposes, when your model needs a minimum of weight, but requires the maximum of ampacity.  Li-BATT BX battery packs are wired as standard. In addition to the high-current cable for the controller connection the batteries have a balancer cable (system FlightPower/ThunderPower) as well, so that the battery chargers, as for example MULTIcharger LN-3008 EQU and LN-6015 EQU, can be connected directly.
The batteries are delivered in a practical transport- and storage box made of plastic.


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