SLS Quantum LiPo batteries

SLS Quatum 2-6S batteries with 30, 40 and 65C

SLS proudly presents the new battery line SLS Quantum. SLS has chosen this name Quantum, because it is really a "quantum leap" in the LiPo-technology. Due to new procedures in production, composition and selection, the internal resistance has been  drastically reduced and negative effects have decreased.
SLS principally declares the C-data very conservative,  this is also the case with the Quantum line.

Naturally the processing quality is the highest level.

Quantum 30C and 40C:
  • Reduced internal resistance and a special selection process guarantee a very high voltage on load.
  • Very cycle-resistant
  • High storage stability (Quantum can cope easily with longer storage periods)
  • Up to 5C charge possible (e.g. a 4000mAh battery with 20 ampere charging current)

Quantum 65C:

  • Up to 10C charge possible (e.g. a 4000mAh battery with 40 ampere charging current)