Folding blades 8.0x5.0 Aeronaut CAM Carbon (CRP), Aeronaut # 723416

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Folding blades 8.0x5.0 Aeronaut CAM Carbon (CRP), Aeronaut # 723416 - Image 1
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Aeronaut CAM Carbon 8.0"x5.0", # 723416

Why Aeronaut CAM Carbon?

The special thing about  Cam Carbon:The new CAM Carbon folding blades have significant innovations. This new generation, developed by Rudi Freudenthaler, has a very thin, optimized blade shape and computer-calculated airfoil sections. This gives very high accuracy and excellent efficiency combined with low power absorption from the motor.
CAM? What does it mean ...?
CAM stands for "Computer Aided Manufacturing". The moulds for the moulding procedure are no longer hand-made as they were for classicPROPs. Now they are computer designed using a CAD-program (Computer Aided Design). The milling of these moulds is based on the data input. This kind of production has the enormous advantage, that it allows constant precision during the mould's lifetime from the first to the last piece with no difference to the very first mould.
The weight:
Convince yourself of the unbelievable light weight of the new CAM folding blades. You'll be surprised!
The material:
All CAM Carbon folding blades are made exclusively from a mixture of carbon fibres and nylon, so that the blades have a very high torsional rigidity. This mixture for the blades has been proven for years now. Carbon fibers are a very hard material and therefore the blades keep their shape and performance even under high load. This is an advantage compared to the blades made of a mixture of glass fiber and plastic, which achieve different levels of efficiency than the CAM Carbon-blades!

All advantages (at a glance):
  • Very low weight! A very low weight due to the material and the very thin blade profile 
  • A sharp trailing edge! This increases the aerodynamic performance
  • Very quiet! Due to the new CAM-technology these blades are one of the quietest on the market
  • Very thin blade profile! Great savings in weight not least because of the material.
  • High efficiency! Achieved due to the optimized blade profile

Technical data:

Diameter (data in inches)   8
Pitch (data in inches)  5
Root's width (mm)  8
Mounting hole (mm)  3
Max. RPM  Max. 16000 
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