Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model

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Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 1
Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 2
Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 3
Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 4
Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 5
Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 6
Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 7
Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 8
Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 9
Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 1Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 2Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 3Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 4Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 5Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 6Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 7Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 8Andreas - an excellent R.E.S. cnc-lasercut model - Image 9
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AndREaS * - Excellent plane for the competition class R.E.S.
Top quality lasercut kit. Made in Germany!

* in memory of Andreas Decker († 26.03.2015)

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In the year 2012 we were the first commercial provider in Germany of our R.E.S.olution, a fully suitable plane for competitions in R.E.S, which had been a new class at that time. In this competition class, the RC-functions are restricted to rudder, elevator and spoiler. The models with a weight of approx. 600g, except for some few self-made models, made this competition class very successful - despite of the restrictions, such as RC-functions, design and high start with a standard rubber. In the meantime the models have developed concerning lower weight and wider chord, in order to attain larger high start heights. when there is no wind at all. Under the leadership of Pietro Tescari (Andreas Decker's best friend) experts of the scene and profile specialists gathered together to create a new, powerful and competitive R.E.S.- model, based on the analysis of current successful competition models and own ideas. This has been implemented successfully, because with a prototype of this model Andreas Decker won the qualification and finished fourth in the final classification of the 1st RES German-tour in Minden the 21st, of March 2015 - a few days before his death.

Of course you can also use this model as a powerful "after work-/sunday-/vacation-/relax-/slope-/always-in-the-pocket-model" or as a second model without contest ambitions. You'll get a plane with far above-average flight performance, which you can start at a short rubber cord - place-saving and without any demands on the  airfield.

The plane is manufactured by "HJW Modellbau und Laserdesign" together with PT flight models (Pietro Tescari). Herr Wreege (HJW) is a former employee of Robbe and has decades of experience in construction (CAD/CAM) and CNC-manufacturing (milling and laser) of flight models. 100% made in Germany, of course! 

The model:

AndREaS is made entirely of wood (spar/leading edge/D-Box) and has a profile of 8,5% thickness (MB-674RES), which has been developed especially for this class. With it's wingspan of 1990mm it respects the regulations. The model has a flying weight of 490g-500g (non-tuned standard version), that means a wing loading of approx. 13.8g/dm²! Resulting from the profile, our AndREaS has excellent penetration characteristics -even with higher wind speeds- despite the lower wing loading.

  • Lasered wooden kit, constructed in a lightweight but solid interlocking framework
  • Removable elevator
  • Huge rudder for agility
  • Two-part wing with multiple dihedral and stylish wingtips
  • Spring steel wing connector (tuning option with dual CRP-junction possible)
  • Ballast compartment as standard, therefore it's easily adaptable to changing weather conditions
  • D-Box (sheeted leading edge section with shear webbing, ribs are inserted in an innovative "comb-like" spar, in which you insert the ribs)
  • Magnetic wing retainers
  • Excellent break efficiency of the spoiler
  • Multicolored construction plan and a detailed and fully illustrated German construction manual
  • Made in Germany!

The kit:

The wing is constructed with a balsa leading edge, pine spars, sheeted balsa trailing edge and various pieces of plywood made from poplar and birch plywood. The lasercut ribs are form-fitting connected with the trailing edge by the use of support feet. Stylish wingtips ensure an elegant appearance. The wings are connected with a 5mm steel wire, but it can optionally be replaced by  a double carbon fibre wing joiner. A second steel can be used for ballasting. The fuselage made of balsa is reinforced with plywood and has an additional ballast compartment. The kit contains, besides of the lasercut and numbered parts, all the small parts and linkages needed. A launching hook is enclosed as well. You get a suitable launching set at EMC-VEGA ( All the kits of the Gruener-CNC-line include a multicolored construction plan scaled 1:1 and a fully illustrated German construction manual. 

Glue, covering film and RC-components are NOT included in the kit. As covering film - especially for the fuselage and tail unit - we recommend ORALIGHT iron-on film.

Tuning options for the competition:  

  • Double 5mm carbon fibre instead of 5mm steel wire wing joiner 
  • Wing retainer with rubbers instead of magnets
  • Usage of ORALIGHT for the whole model
  • Usage of very thin and ultra-light wiring in the wings and
  • Usage of fixed soldered servo connections instead of servo plug connections

Recommended RC-equipment:

  • Transmitter with at least 4 functions and a spoiler/elevator-mixer 
  • Receiver with normal range
  • 2 x Servo HiTec HS-53 (fuselage) and 2 x HiTec HS-55 (spoiler)

Further information you find in the corresponding tab pages above this description.

Technische Daten
Bauweise Lasergefertigter Bausatz Highest Quality made in Germany
RC-Funktionen Seite, Höhe, Klappen(Spoiler)
Spannweite ca. [mm] 1990
Länge ca. [mm] 1150
Tragflächeninhalt ca. [dm²] 33.8
Flächenbelastung ca. [g/dm²] 13.8
Fluggewicht ca. [g] ab 490
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Fliegt toll, Baukasten etwas unübersichtlich
Review from 05.11.2023|Purchase not verified
Ich habe den Andreas gebaut, der Bau macht grundsätzlich Spaß allerdings habe ich manches Teil elendiglich gesucht. Das Suchen dauerte länger als das Bauen bis ich irgendwann den Inhalt des Kastens auf dem Fußboden verteilt habe. So fand ich mich einigermaßen zurecht aber dazu braucht man ein geeignetes Zimmer.
Das Heck war bei mir weich, das Leitwerk saß nicht stabil drin. 2 dünne Sperrholzbrettchen , außen angeklebt, bewirken Wunder. So ist der Flieger stabil und macht mir großen Spaß, er fliegt wirklich gut und spricht deutlich auf Thermik an. Praktisch ist die Flügelhalterung mit Magneten, das geht natürlich total schnell zusammenzustecken und begeistert mich bei jedem Aufbau.
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