FAQ, ordering and shipping information ... Letter shipping?

Why don't we offer any letter shipping?

We can't offer letter shipping in the shop for a simple reason: a lot of customers, who order LiPo-packs, receivers, HF-moduls, controllers and for a lot more, would select letter shipping for those products. This would be a problem, because:

  • Letter shipping is uninsurable. We always bear the risk of transport, but in case of lost or damage we are left empty-handed.
  • The stamp machines of the post offices don't know about the sensitivity of the letter content. The consequences: see above.
  • You don't have any proof, that we have sent the letter to you.
  • We don't have any proof or confirmation, if the letter has been received and who has received it. 

BUT: Don't worry, we are people made of "flesh and blood", no machines. If it is possible to send your ordered products per letter due to their value, consistence and size, the shipping method is changed manually into letter shipping and we charge a flat shipping fee of EUR 1,95 instead of EUR 4,95, which you should pay for a DHL-package. In case of a PayPal payment we will credit the difference of EUR 3,00 to your PayPal-account. The decision, whether to send your products per letter or in a package is solely our decision and not discussible. We have done our job for more than 30 years now. So please trust us!