Informationen zur Höllein Power-Suche von Findologic

Our new POWER-search (powered by findologic)

Our POWER-search is faster than the search in the parts tree and you can search in 2 different ways. By using POWER search you can also find all products, which are not assigned to any product group in the parts tree.

1. Search by using part numbers

If you know our part number or the original part number of the manufacturer, you can enter it in the search field "search term or parts number" (in the center on the very top of our homepage) and start the search with the magnifiying glass or press "ENTER". You will see a listed search result with all products having this part number or products, which contain your entered part number.

2. Search by using key words

If you don't know the part number, our shop offers something very efficient for you due to FINDOLOGIC. We want to explain this in an example:

You are looking for i.e. a digital servo. Enter "servo digital" in the search field "what are you looking for?". As a result you get a list of all servos, which contain "digital" in their description.

There might be a very lot of servos now, but you can refine your search result by selecting or excluding manufacturers or product groups.

But our POWER-search can do a lot more!

Enter i.e. "servo digital 40x20x38mm" and all digital servos are listed, which contain the measurements 40x20x38mm in their description! 

Last but not least our POWER-search doesn't care for any spelling or typing mistakes. Have much fun by using our POWER-search!