GURKE electric, a wing twisting glider constructed by Tim Weißbach "made by Gruener CNC"

Item no.:  GRU2020
GURKE electric, wing twisting construction from Tim Weißbach made by Gruener CNC - Image 1
GURKE electric, wing twisting construction from Tim Weißbach made by Gruener CNC - Image 2
GURKE electric, wing twisting construction from Tim Weißbach made by Gruener CNC - Image 3
GURKE electric, wing twisting construction from Tim Weißbach made by Gruener CNC - Image 1GURKE electric, wing twisting construction from Tim Weißbach made by Gruener CNC - Image 2GURKE electric, wing twisting construction from Tim Weißbach made by Gruener CNC - Image 3
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"Gurke", a wing twisting electric version

Construction by Tim Weißbach - Made by Gruener CNC

The "Gurke" electric: ready for action - with or without slope!

We proudly present the "Gurke" as an electric mini-"hotliner" from Tim Weißbach! We've always been attracted by Tim's great and well-thought-out constructions. In cooperation with TIM and RALF GRUENER we managed to make something good even better.
We already proved Gruener-CNC's high quality of manufacturing with the Introduction F5J, Inside F5J and the Innovation. And from now on Tim Weißbach's models are manufactured in highest laser-cut quality, including a colored construction plan.

The "Gurke" electric is an innovative mini-"hotliner" in  a backpack size. The main focus of this variation is flying in the plain. Using the recommended components, several vertical climb flights are possible with only one battery charge. using the recommended components. The "Gurke" quickly gains altitude and does everything you want. Vertical nose dives from the visibility limit, rolls, loops and whatever you want - a feast for the eyes and ears.

The "Gurke" is a very special model. The extraordinary way of controlling the plane by twisting the whole wing panel is quite unique. Due to this, the tailplane needs no rudder gaps, no linkages and no control horns.  Therefore an average V- or delta mixer is sufficient. For the elevator function the angle of the wings is adjusted in the same direction, for the aileron function in reverse. A wing twisting model has no gaps, no rudder horns and no other extern linkages, so that there are less swirls compared with other similar gliders with rudders.  In addition to that, the profile MH30 remains unchanged during steering, which underlines the excellent characteristics in every situation.  

Mounting the wings on the fuselage is easy with the intelligent, magnetic secured wing joiner - and you don't need any tools for it. So you can easily transport the "Gurke" in your backpack. Multifunctional and always with you.

The kit:

The construction is fast and easy due to the extraordinary construction plan and precisely laser-cut parts. Simply prepare the parts, plug them together and fix them with superglue.

The kit contains:

All necessary parts for the framework are included in the kit. Those are all laser-cut parts, carbon fiber- and wooden bars, wing joiner and all the required small parts for the linkages. Best birch plywood and hard balsa - only the best is good enough.

Required equipment:

  • Superglue
  • Covering material for wings and tailplane
  • Varnish or balsa sealer for the fuselage
  • 2 x servos HiTec HS-65MG or HS-65HB
  • Small receiver with minimum 4 channels
  • 2S LiPo battery approx. 600mAh
  • A10-7L brushless motor
  • 10A brushless controller
  • 7x4 Aeronaut folding prop
  • 30mm spinner
  • Radio
  • LiPo charger
Technical data
Manufacturer / Importer Grüner CNC, Deutschland / Konstr. Tim Weißbach
Type of construction Highest-Quality Holzbausatz, lasergeschnitten
Wing span (approx.) [mm] 820
Length (approx.) [mm] 530
Airfoil (section) MH30
Wing area (approx.) [dm²] 8
Take-off weight (approx.) [g] 260
Wing loading (approx.) [g/dm²] 32,5
RC functions Quer und Höhe über Flächenverwindung, Motor
Der Servoeinbau
Ein Flugvideo
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Item no.: H97100007
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Ein toller Baukasten zum Genusbasteln !, 06.01.2020
Ausgesuchtes Balsa und Sperrholz bester Qualität - alles sehr präzise gelasert. Vorgebogene Anlenkungen, Motorspant aus CfK, farbiger Bauplan. Also ein erstklassiger Baukasten.
Zum Zusammenbau sind für Genussbastler zwei Tassen Kaffee und eine Mohnschnecke unverzichtbares Zubehör und sollten rechtzeitig bereitgelegt werden ;-)

Allerdings: Der Baukasten ist nix für ungeduldige Menschen, denn die Bauteile dieses Fliegers sind sehr filigran. Daher muss beim Herauslösen mit Geduld und Sorgfalt gearbeitet werden. Rohbau kann innerhalb 8-10 Stunden fertiggestellt werden einschließlich des Kaffeetrinkens.
Das resultierende Modell ist wirklich klein und leicht...
Die Bauanleitung ist knapp, aber für Modellbauer mit ein wenig Erfahrung ausreichend.

Zusammengefasst ein tolles Modell, aber definitiv nicht Anfängertauglich.
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