Libelle EVO V2. The advancement of a legend!

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Libelle Evo V2 glider, CNC-kit "made in Germany" - Image 1
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Libelle Evo V2, glider version
CNC-kit "made in Germany"

Our Libelle Evo V2. The advancement of a legend!

  • April 1993(!):         Original Libelle from Egon Löser, manufactured by Löser CNC in Germany
  • April 2002:             Libelle EVO, revised and manufactured by HAUCK models in Germany
  • September  2003:   Libelle EVO, revised and manufactured by Gruener CNC in Germany
  • Ende 2013:             Libelle EVO V2,  revised and manufactured by Gruener CNC in Germany

After 20 years and several thousand  "made in Germany/highest quality kits" sold, we "tuned" the Libelle. It kept it's brilliant flight characteristics, the easy handling, the outstanding lightweight and solid construction with  pine spars and shear webbing. What is NEW? New is the balsa sheeting (up to the main spar) and spoilers as standard with an innovative linkage. Due to that, the required landing area can even be smaller than before. Spot landings in contests are possible without any problems. The light weight of the Libelle EVO V2, the high mechanical solidity due to the partly sheeted wings and, last but not least, the spoilers as standard, make the V2 very interesting for R.E.S. competitions. Therefore we didn't have to change a lot in the description (basically since 1993, a lot of you are surely familiar with it and know it from our printed catalogue - the "Hoellein-bible").

"You'd like to have a new plane, your wife (girlfriend, etc...) impose several conditions to this new model? It shouldn't be too large, so that there still is enough room in the trunk for other things. Further it should have calm flight characteristics, so that YOU can relax during the flight. The plane has to be constructed quickly, so that you don't have to spend that much time in the cellar or hobby room, and, last but not least, it must not endanger the installments for the new kitchen either! Honestly: do you also already have the fifth glider, which needs 200 meters obstacle-free area for the approach and a flat airfield for landing of at least 100 meters? Our Libelle lands in your hand, if you like! You won't be able to avoid being fascinated by the flight characteristics and the quality of the components (lasered)! With light wind you can fly our LIBELLE EVO V2 for a couple of hours...everywhere you like!

The kit:
Of course MADE IN GERMANY - as usual! You take the lasered ribs, push the root rib into a fuselage side...or the main spar into a  precisely lasered* recess of the ribs  … or the lasercut rudder into the intended fit of the lasercut  elevator … and you will share our enthusiasm for the first model of our (at the time) CNC-manufactured model-line (original Libelle since 1993!). In April of 2002 the manufacturing of our LIBELLE EVO at LÖSER-CNC was taken over by GRÜNER CNC service (those with the CLIMAXX, THERMAL INSTINCT, SOPWITH PUB ...). The construction had been modified carefully (we don't want to impair anything in the end) and optimized. The rudder and the elevator form an interlocking framework with the fuselage, so that construction errors are excluded. The wings consist of shear webbed pine spars, which preset the dihedral. A device for the vertical alignment of the ribs is included.. The frames are now interlocked with the fuselage sides. The new construction plan (now multicolored in the top quality of GRUENER, as usual) and the new, detailed, fully illustrated manual with perspective drawings make the previous equipment complete. 

LIBELLE EVO V2 - lasercut in perfection! The kit contains all needed wooden parts (most of them are lasered), rudder horns made of lasercut plywood and a complete set of small parts and linkages. Also included: a multicolored printed CAD-plan 1:1! Glue and iron-on covering film (we recommend ORACOVER) are NOT included in the kit. The RC-equipment for our LIBELLE consists of 2 servos Graupner C 261 for elevator and rudder, 2 4.4g-servos for the linkage of the spoiler and a square 800 Eneloop receiver battery. Our test models are equipped with Futaba-receivers. There is enough room for all the other 2.4GHz-receivers as well.

Scope of delivery:
  • Wooden kit containing CNC-lasercut parts made of balsa- and plywood
  • Complete set of small parts and linkages needed
  • Multicolored plan, parts list
  • Detailed, fully illustrated manual including rudder deflections and advices for covering  

Additional needed equipment:

  • 2 x servo Graupner/JR C 261 or similar
  • 2 x servo Robbe 4.4g or similar
  • Receiver battery square ENELOOP 4/800
  • Receiver of your choice
  • ORACOVER iron-on film of your choice
  • GlueSH 06.05.13

Further information you find in the corresponding tab pages above this description.

Technische Daten
Hersteller/Importeur Grüner CNC, Deutschland
Bauweise Highest-Quality Holzbausatz, lasergeschnitten
RC-Funktionen Seite, Höhe, Spoiler
Spannweite ca. [mm] 1780
Länge ca. [mm] 1100
Tragflächeninhalt ca. [dm²] 30
Flächenbelastung ca. [g/dm²] 19.5
Fluggewicht ca. [g] 550
Tragflächenprofil AG35
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Item no.: KST-0801
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teil 1 , angekommen., 04.08.2017 | Purchase not verified
Heute gekommen und aufgemacht. Alle Teile super geschnitten, super Plan plus Beschreibung, mehfarbig. Sehr ausführlich, Holz hochwertig, alles gerade und sauber.
Kein Vergleich zu den kits von vor zwanzig Jahren.
Dann bauen wir mal den Vogel zusammen, Teil 2 kommt dann.
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0 of 0 customers found this review helpful:
Licht und Schatten, 29.06.2021 | Purchase not verified
hatte gerade zuvor eine libelle evo (gruener cnc) die ich seit 2005 liegen hatte gebaut und bin nicht wirklich von dieser weiteren ‚evolutionsstufe‘ begeistert. die neue konstruktion ist leider vollkommen overengineered ohne daraus echte vorteile zu generieren. andererseits wurde aber sinnvolles vergessen oder verschlechtert: ein sporn aus weichstem balsa ist nun wirklich unbrauchbar dafuer waeren aber kleine bohrungen in allen rippen sinnvoll um beim bespannen und spaeter den sinnvollen druckausgleich zu schaffen.

insgesamt habe ich den eindruck dass der hersteller hier vor allem im sinn hatte die leistungsfaehigkeit seiner neuen laserschneideanlage vorzufuehren. ich bin allerdings deutlich kein fan dieser herstellungsmethode da der flieger - egal wie sauber gebaut - am ende durch die angebrannten kanten leider wie ein zusammengepapptes toastbrot aussieht. zudem habe ich den eindruck dass auch die auswahl der balsa- und sperrhoelzer deshalb weit mehr nach lasereignung als nach stabiltaet/gewicht ausgewaehlt wurden.

schade dass hoellein nicht lieber den frueheren callistic mit etwas schmalerem rumpf und spoiler modifiziert und cnc-gefraest anbietet. das waere dann ein toller und guenstiger einstiegsflieger zum slite geworden …
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