Remote control systems with receivers


Transmitters for a low price at The Heavenly Hoellein online shop

In our shop you can buy transmitters of all well-known manufacturers, transmitters such as Multiplex M-Link, Jeti-Duplex, Futaba, Graupner HoTT, Spektrum, Mikado VBar and Tactic.
With a transmitter you can control your RC plane, RC helicopter or quadrocopter from the ground. Meanwhile the transmission mode 2.4GHz range radio spectrum has been implemented.
The combination of different manufacturers is not possible though. Transmitter and receiver must always be of the same manufacturer and in the same transmission mode.
We offer professional support for beginners and if you have any questions concerning RC transmitters or the RC equipment, please contact us per phone (no. +49 9561 555 999) or per email.