Replacement fusselage to PURES V2 with V-tail, CNC-lasercut kit (GrünerCNC)

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PURES V2, 2m RES competition model with V-tail
 CNC-Lasercut kit from Gruener CNC, "Made in Germany" !

PURES V2 at the Heavenly Hoellein - How did this happen?

In 2011 Josef (Sepp) Gergetz (SETA Modelltechnik) had begun to design a model for the then newly emerging class F3B-RES. 2012 he flew it for the first time in Dachau and already got a lot of attention with his PURES prototype. Due to the experiences gained there, further modifications were made to the wing geometry and the V-tail. Furthermore, a significant weight reduction was realized. The result is the PURES V2.

Places on the podest followed in several sub-competitions of the Bavarian Open, overall winner of the Bavarian Open 2013, the 1st and the 3rd place at the German Championship in Hirzenhain 2014 and the 1st place at the German Championship in Wetzlar 2015. The winning potential comes with the kit of the PURES V2. Now it is only up to you to use the abilities of your PURES V2!
At the end of 2017 the overwhelming demand for PURES V2 and SLITE was boosting so much, that Josef Gergetz could no longer keep up with the production. Delivery times of 6 to 9 months were more the rule than the exception, and it was about time to switch the production to lasercut technology at a professional manufacturer (Grüner CNC) and to transfer the sale and distribution to a professional dealer. So it happened, that at the beginning of 2018 we could start with the distribution of PURES V2 and later in this year SLITE (scheduled for late automn 2018), another two high-performance wooden kits in our "center of competence for wooden airplanes". Thus the usual waiting times for the SETA-models are omitted.

The kit:

We have hardly modified the design, as there was nothing to improve anyway. Changes of Sepp's construction are caused merely by switching to lasercut parts. The kit consists of carefully selected, lasered and numbered balsa- and plywood parts.
Wing construction
It still has its famous wound carbon fiber spar tubes, tail boom and pultruded CRP-tubes for the leading edge. It has a 3-part wing and is built as an open tubular spar rib construction. The inner wing is square with no dihedral and has a central airbrake. The inner double tapered outer wings are joined with a 10° dihedral, followed by a 16° dihedral. The main airfoil is Mark Drela's AG 35, modified to an AG 36 in the outer wing. It gives high lift with comparatively litte drag over a wide range of lift coefficients (Ca).
Construction of the fuselage
The front part of the fuselage is made from balsa with plywood reinforcements and plywood formers. Just behind the wing, CRP tail boom joins the wooden fuselage. This CRP tail boom is manufactured in the same way as the tubular carbon spars. The fuselage is wide enough to fit a square pack of  Eneloop 4/800mAh cells. The bowden cables are fixed in the tail boom by using 2-3 small foam sponges that are simply pushed in the tail boom. Incidence angle is 0.9°, CoG should be adjusted to 72-75mm.

Construction of the V-tail
All pilots being sceptical about the rudder efficiency of the V-tail can be told after the first test flights: There's no reason to be suspicious about that: The reaction on the rudder is outstanding. Sepp Gergetz took this in account and used a relatively narrow angle of 99° for the V-tail. To obtain sufficient elevator efficiency, the V-tail is relatively large without spoiling the plane's design.
The V-tail is plugged to the tail boom using the 2mm carbon rods that are fixed in the tail boom. As the V-tail is easy to dismantle, PURES V2 is easy to transport in a very compact way. The V-tail is made from flat 3mm balsa, the counterpart for the steel rods is made from 3/2 mm carbon tube. Linkage is realized on the upper surface, the bowden rod quits the carbon tube just in front of the V-tail. Cut-outs for the carbon rods and the bowden tubes are already milled in the carbon tail boom.
What is new? Besides of the new lasercut production, the components are recently numbered. Furthermore, there is a multicolored construction plan ("Grüner-style") and richly illustrated building instructions. The kit  is packed carefully and good protected in a solid box ready to be shipped worldwide. All small parts and linkages needed are included in the kit, naturally in our usual high quality.  NOT included are RC-components, glues and covering material.

PURES V2 is a high performance model. It has very forgiving flight characteristics, but the perfect construction can only be done by an experienced modeler. We highly recommend to get some help from an experienced modeler, if you don't have enough experience in building wooden planes. It will pay off! 

We recommend 2 x servo HiTEC HS-55 for the V-tail and the Robbe FS-31 for the central airbrake. The receiver battery can be optionally the 4/800 Eneloop or a 2-cell LiPo.
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