In the model flight online shop of the Heavenly Hoellein you find all products, which are necessary for model flying and model construction. From the wooden kid "made in Germany" of 
Grüner CNC  to models of Graupner, Robbe, Aviotiger, Horizon, Multiplex and Krick  and also e.g. finished models of  Tangent here in our shop. Current 2.4 GHz radio controls  as e.g. Futaba T14SG or Jeti Duplex DC 24 and also Servos  of all known manufacturers such as Hacker, Ditex, Graupner/DES, Spektrum, Jeti, Hitec , Multiplex, MKS , KST and a lot more you find in the Heavenly Hoellein shop. For electric drives we have a wide range of accessories, from LiPo-batteries to brushless-engines and to brushless-controllers of Kontronik, Hobbywing, YGE and Hacker-Jeti, as well as Junsi and power-peak chargers and propellers (APC, Aeronaut, Menz, Graupner). You also find here in our shop remote-controlled quadrocopters (drones) as e.g. Yuneec Q 500 4K or Typhoon H. MSH Brain FBL System in addition to the helicopters like MSH Protos we offer including expert advice and fast shipping. We always have special offers and  remaining stocks for a low price in our model flight shop as well. In our retail shop in Lautertal you can buy all you need for the rc-model flight construction. If you should not find your desired article in our onlineshop, please contact us either per phone, tel. no. 09561-555999, or per email to info(at)

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